homer dickerson scholarship

You have reached the web page for the Homer Dickerson Scholarship application.  
This scholarship is for students in the humanities field.

2024 scholarship applications are due 5/15/24.

To apply, please :

1.  complete the application below,

2.  attach the essay as instructed and

3.  request two recommendations as described below.  

Thank you for applying and God bless.

Scholarship Application

Please fill out all fields below and submit by clicking on the Submit your application button below.

Scholarship Essay

Please complete a 500 word essay about one of the following topics.

1.  Who was the person who influenced your career aspirations and how has this shaped your plans for the future?

2.  Write about an experience in your life that has had a lasting impact on your faith and how that has  influenced your career aspirations?

Please email the essay to homerdickersonscholarship@gmail.com.


Please click on the button below to access the Scholarship Recommendation Form.  Please forward  the recommendation form to 2 people who know you well.  They will complete the form and mail it to the address on the form.

Any Questions?