Caring Ministries

Our church cares for people through Stephen Ministry and Homebound Ministry.

The Stephen Ministry is a confidential, lay-caring ministry grounded in Jesus' command to love one another. Those who are hurting receive love and support through one-to-one caring relationships.  The ministry is named after Stephen, one of the first deacons in the early Christian church, commissioned by the apostles to care for the needs of people in the Christian community.
Is life more than you can handle alone right now?
Is your health, your attitude, or your relationships suffering?
Are you adjusting to a new job, change in marital status, a serious illness, the death of a loved one, or a recent move?
Would you like to have someone in your life that really cares?

Everyone goes through difficult times. Having someone to care, to listen, and to share God's love can help you get through the confusion, stress, or loneliness that you may be experiencing.

Homebound Ministry

Take a moment to consider how you might feel if you could no longer worship and attend your church. What would your life be like without the fellowship worship experience? Many of our homebound members have attended church all of their lives, before the circumstance of their health or the health of a loved one made it difficult or impossible to attend services. Many miss church fellowship profoundly. Are you willing to help keep their connection with their church family alive? There are many different ways to help:
•Volunteer to call on a homebound member.
•Volunteer to take communion to a homebound member once a month.
•Volunteer to send encouraging notes.
•Enlist your children to design creative greeting cards.
•Pray. Pray that these men and women understand the value they still hold for this congregation. Pray that they understand how treasured their lives are in God’s eyes. Pray that people will be moved to reach out to our homebound members in meaningful ways. Our homebound members, too, can help. Here are some ways:
•Pray for volunteers to offer continued spiritual care for the homebound members.
•Pray for all the ministries  of the church.

If you see a way you can help with this ministry
or would like the church to be aware of people who might benefit from a visit,
please contact  us.