United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks
Saturday, September 18, 2021

Membership & Caring

The Card Ministry sends birthday cards to all those over 90 years of age and the Homebound.

The Transportation Team provides transportation for those who need it. A team of volunteers take turns picking up and taking home persons who need this assistance once a month each. There are substitutes lined up.

Heart to Heart is a group of volunteers organized to reach out to, encourage, and be of service to people within our congregation. We make and send cards, write notes, prepare and deliver food, visit, provide transportation as necessary, make and deliver "cheer" gifts, and more! 

The Health Ministry. Nurses who are members of our congregation are available to talk with anyone who requests this service. They are also available to do Blood Pressure readings, when asked.

The Homebound Ministry Take a moment to consider how you might feel if you could no longer worship and attend your church. What would your life be like without the fellowship worship experience? Many of our homebound members have attended church all of their lives, before the circumstance of their health or the health of a loved one made it difficult or impossible to attend services. Many miss church fellowship profoundly. Are you willing to help keep their connection with their church family alive? 

Membership Classes are held at least twice a year. 

For more information about any of these ministries and opportunities, please contact the church office.