United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks
Saturday, September 18, 2021


You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve.  Luke 4:8
Importance of Worship: In the midst of our modern family’s extremely busy schedules, we value worship as being a central point of our week.  We come together to take a much needed pause from all activity, and give thanks to our God who created everything!    It’s an amazing spiritual practice that we believe our souls long for.  This ritual is a reminder that we are part of a spiritual community of faith that includes all ages and stages of faith.    We believe that encouraging this spiritual time with our youth is good for their souls, and good for our community!  We also welcome their God-given gifts to lead others in our worship experience. 
How Youth Participate in Worship: Youth are encouraged to attend either of the Sunday worship services held in the sanctuary - the Modern Service at 9 am or the Traditional Service at 11 am.  They can sit with their families or with one another.  They can share their gifts by participating in acolyte, liturgical dance, and the youth praise band ministries. All children and youth, pre-school through senior high, take active parts in the 9 am worship services on “Student Sundays”, held 4 times a year. Once a year on Youth Sunday, they plan and lead the worship services. 
Here are some of the ways that youth are learning to be leaders of worship experiences:
Acolytes: Acolytes assist in the 11 am worship service and special services such as Ash Wednesday and All Saints Day.  They light candles (symbolic of Christ, the Light of the World), carry the cross, and assist with communion and baptisms.  Participation in the Acolyte Ministry is open to youth in grades 6 through 12 who have completed acolyte training. For more information, contact Shirley Hamilton at (805) 494-1616.


Liturgical Dance: The objective of liturgical, or worship dance, is to glorify God and lead the congregation to a greater depth in worship.  Like other creative arts, such as music, dance has the potential to speak to people’s hearts and souls.  Choreographed dances are set to Christian music and presented about 4 times a year during worship services.  For more information, contact Tracy Diestel at (805) 492-8503.


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If you have questions, contact Patricia Cogles, Director of Children and Youth Ministry, at (805) 495-7215 ext. 302, or email her at patricia.cogles@umcto.org.