United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks
Saturday, September 18, 2021

A Heavy Burden That's Easy to Bear - July 5, 2020

What's Worth It - June 28, 2020

Happy Fathers Day - June 21, 2020

Graduation Sunday - June 14, 2020

Thank You For Your Love - June 7, 2020

It's Not For You to Know - May 25, 2020

Special Sabbath, Cal-Pac UMC

God Centered Faith

The Good Shepherd

Faith During Uncertain Times

The Power to Forgive

Easter Sunday

The Walk We Serve

The Walk: Walk Humbly With God

The Walk: A Different Kind of Learning

In Between Times: Mountaintop Mentalities

In Between Times: The Four Chaplains

In Between Times: Make a Difference 

Testimonial: Brandon and Patty

God is with Us: Mary's Song

God is with Us: Prepare the Way of the Lord

God is with Us: In the Face of the Unknown

Give Thanks

Living in the Everyday: Are You In?

Love Your Enemies

I See A New Church: Table Manners 

I See A New Church: Hope in the Wilderness 

New Church: Who is My Neighbor?

Seeing Through the Cross of Jesus

Graduation and Youth Sunday

Giving from a Place of Gratitude

Shift 2.0: May the Force of Forgiveness Be With You

Have You Believed Because You Have Seen Me?

Easter 2019: He Chose to Give Us Victory

He Chose the Cross: He Humbled Himself

He Chose the Cross: Lost and Found 

https://services.planningcenteronline.com/plans/42918252He Chose to be Tempted for Us

New Beginnings: Miracle at the Wedding in Cana

New Beginnings: Remember Your Baptism

When Love Came Down: Joy

When Love Came Down: Preparing For Peace

Act Like a Priest

One Body, One Church: Jesus Wept

One Body, One Church: What Do You Want Jesus to do for You?

One Body, One Church: What Must I Do?

One Body, One Church: One Is Plenty

One Body, One Church: Authentic Church

One Body, One Church: The Way of the Cross

One Body, One Church: Trust

A Rock Thrown: A Lesson Learned

Renew, Reconnect, Reset: The Gift In Hardship

An Inside Job

Renew, Reconnect, Reset: More Than We Can Imagine

A Rock Thrown: A Lesson Learned

Renew, Reconnect, Reset: Chosen People

Murder at a Birthday Party

Renew, Reset, Reconnect: Where Do You Put Your Security?

Renew, Reset, Reconnect: Peace, Be Still

Thank You, Dad

Youth Sunday 2018

God Shines Through Our Brokenness

Night Questions

By This, They'll Know

I Call You Friends

Circle Makers: Think Long

Circle Makers: Pray Hard

Circle Makers: Dream Big

Know Doubt



2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1

Matthew Peirson and Youth

 Easter Sunday What Makes a Hero?: Resurrection!

What Makes a Hero?: Old and New Covenant and a Grain of Wheat

What Makes a Hero?: Heroes, Fools and God

What Makes a Hero?:  Transformation

Boy Scout Sunday: Peaks and Valleys

Everyone Is Searching for Him

If Today Is Your Last Day

When God Calls

The Wise Mans Advice for the New Year

Miracle Witnesses: Simeon, Anna, Patricia and Phyllis

The Miracle of Bethlehem

Preparing the Way for Miracles: Who Are You?

Preparing the Way for Miracles: Back to the Beginning

Preparing the Way for Miracles: Keep Awake

Preparing the Way for Miracles: Forgiveness

Preparing the Way for Miracles: Start with Gratitude

Have You Checked Your Oil?

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

For the Sake of the Gospel

Cultivate Humility

Cultivate Faithfulness

Cultivate Forgiveness

Cultivate Love


Standing in the Shadow of God

Wrestling With God

Big Problems, Bigger God, Smaller Answer

Unconventional Patience

Unconventional Gardener

Radical Trust

Graduating Senior Homily

A Firefly Faith

Trinity Reflection

Defying Gravity: Testimonials

Defying Gravity: Becoming a Steward

Defying Gravity: Mothers, Lydia and Women of Faith

Defying Gravity: She Gave Her All

You May Have to Move Something

Fears That Keep Us From Experiencing Easter

Keep Running

The God We Can Know: The Beautiful Mind

The God We Can Know: Can These Bones Life?

The God We Can Know:He Chooses Differently

The God We Can Know: You Will Never Be Thirsty

The God We Can Know: Born Again

The God We Can Know: Temptations

The God We Can Know: Mountaintops and Valleys

Are You a Goose?

Scouting a Trail Through Life

God's Expectations

Follow Me

Purpose Driven Baptism

Epiphany With the Wise Men 

Simple Gift of Christmas  Christmas Eve

Simple Gifts of Advent: Love

Simple Gifts of Advent: Joy

Simple Gifts of Advent: Peace

Simple Gifts of Advent: Hope

People Who Make a Difference: Grateful People

People Who Make a Difference: Good Deeds and Words

Lifelong Learners


Don't Lose Heart

Stewards of the Good Treasure

Why are you here?

Never Give Up, God Doesn't

Seeking Honor

Prepare for Trouble

You Are Not Alone

What Keeps Us from Being Rich Toward God?

Lord Teach Us to Pray

Choosing The Better Part

The Life You Always Wanted

Whenever We Have An Opportunity

Changing Of The Guard

Conflict Revelation

Dear God

Youth Sunday

It's a Trap

Hearing Aids Provided

Open Minds

Never Give Up

A Little Is Enough

Don't Worry; Be Happy

Are You Going to Trust Me?

Are You Gonna Go My Way?

Finding Ourselves In The Gospel: Seeing

Finding Ourselves In The Gospel: Understanding

Finding Ourselves In The Gospel: Home

Finding Ourselves In The Gospel: Grace

Finding Ourselves In The Gospel: Hard Times

Gifts Without Love

Spirit and Glory

Word and Spirit

Water and Wine

When the Heavens Open


A Promised Messiah: Fourth Sunday of Advent